From Crowdfunding to IPO.

Financing, that can do more than anything else in the world.

Fresh business ideas need fresh money. But is the classic loan always the right one? Not infrequently bankers are less enthusiastic about a good idea than other people. If these others are many people, alternative financing may be a better option.

In this area, Ordino has a deep experience.

  • For example, by accompanying two IPOs in the past
  • And also in Crowdbased Fundings,
  • Special forms of company and private financing

We can help you skillfully. With our first-hand information and experience.

The advantage of alternative financing is not just to obtain the necessary funds, as it goes far beyond mere fundrising. The interaction with the customer, who becomes co-financier at the same time, can become an elementary part of the process analysis. And it can change customer loyalty processes, their participation and integration to increase the company value. Therefore, the "side effects" of the alternative solutions are often more important than financing itself.

A large design framework for financing is also the form of company.

It can restrict, enable, prevent. Once again, there are marginal conditions that the business model can consider, or process their benefits and fit specifically, so that all possibilities become available.