Continuous processes lead to the top

Only constant improvement brings substantial changes

The process is the core of everything. Without processes nothing can happen in the company: no logistics, no customer attention, nothing at all. It's important to recognize, to analyze, to raise awareness, change, model and define processes. But the change of behaviour cannot be realized at any moment. Continuity is necessary. That's why our successful model is called CIP= Continuous Improvement process. The Cip is the checklist in employees' minds about the necessary ongoing change.

Its implementation takes place prefereably by support from Ordino. Because the critical view from outside is essential. Because we have been integrated with the preparation of goals in advance. Because daily activities does not obsure our vision of the overall picture. Because, with support, the implementation success is ensured.

In the end, each company should be able to take over this continuous implementation process. Therefore, Ordino withdraws step by step, after correct application of the CIP implementation process.

To ensure that initial intentions are achieved, we recomment an audit every two years: a kind of vaccination update for the CIP to ensure its sustainable use and application. It's also the opportunity to discuss together changes and readjustments - changes in the market are better understood in this way.