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A positive corporate identity with a lasting effect, is never a coincidence. It must be set up in a targeted way and developed step by step in a team.

Only companies with a good self knowledge can create a strategically anchored identity, allowing a sense of orientation and trust to be spread inwards (vision) and outside (mission), which can be authentically shared by the employees.

Without answering the "why" question of a company, it's impossible to develop processes. And certainly neither a corporate identity (from which no corporate design and no coherent processes arise).

Only this questioning ensures that the individual measures are not dominating, but that a concept conceived approach allows a rigorous and targeted implementation. This has a positive effect on the internal and external targeted groups of the company.

As a partner of small and medium sized companies, we have intensively dealt with the issue of costs and developed an implementation process, that on the one hand, allows the rapid development of the corporate identity documents and the corporate designs. On the other hand, it forms the basis for the operational implementation of process oriented corporate management.

Approach to target achievement

  • Team Definition
  • Briefing, clarification and fixation
  • Development in a first workshop in a half a day
  • Develoment of a competition analysis
  • Critical examination of existing measures
  • Contacting key accounts and, if necessary, further telephone interviews with key customers
  • Analyzes discussion and analysis
  • Defining the essential message of the company
  • Identify key audiences and their needs
  • Visually rewriting of statements and creation of slogan designs
  • Define communication measures, objectives and structures


  • Outline visual messagees (process maps, EKP, Mind maps, etc)
  • Development of the design concept
  • Definition and sketching of 6-10 individual measures (target group, Budget, continuity, etc) 
  • Prioritirize the print online and the wording campaign
  • Create company and sample product / sample service
  • Presentation of the overall concept to the management
  • Incorporation of the results from the management
  • Reworking of the project and informal exchange
  • If necessary, revision of concepts
  • Development of the master plan with priority with consideration of customers
  • Creation of budget by planning each action
  • Accompanying / carrying out the implementation of the individual measures
  • Development of colour worlds and company images by a graphic artist
  • Creation of the corporate design - work - website as a framework for the company future working
  • Creation of a manual corporate design (if necessary)

Decision for the further procedure: 2 options

a) Focus on the company's processes

b) Corporate Design, that will only be effective in the long term

Design System

Ein Weg um verschiedene Anwendungen und Lösungen strukturiert zu entwickeln.

Nach und während der Entwicklung des CI Handbuchs stehen natürlich auch Werkzeuge zur Implementierung im Raum.

Eine gute Lösung dazu bildet das Storybook.

Die technische Verbindung zwischen CD und CI kann das Storybook darstellen