"An idea has to become reality, or it's just a vain soap bubble."


Starting a business in Austria, Switzerland and Italy

We are a team of tax advisors, trustees, bank directors, lawyers and notaries. We have a deep experience in starting a business and we help to do it quickly and properly. In Switzerland, Austria, and with the necessary times also in Italy.

This is what we can realize together with you:

  • Creating the articles of association
  • Statements on the company establishment
  • Preparation and clarification on claiming the founding privilege
  • Managing contracts on your person
  • Patterning
  • Get company name ratings
  • Trade license issued to the company person / assigned by the right specialist group / amendments to the articles of association
  • Tax law and pre-processing
  • clarify GSVG- Insurance, check the advance payments
  • Clarification of fee questions
  • Technical clarifications and realizations
  • Connect the adquisition of Internet-Domain with the definition of the company name
  • Establishment of the mail system for communication
  • Establishment of local telephone numbers for the company
  • Assistance in the choice of merchandise management / ERP-System
  • Setting up your business location in Coworking
  • Creation of virtual workstations with all basic application (remote, local, cloud based)
  • Contact with grafic artists and programmers, so that Internet equipment and online presence can be realized professionally and quickly to be promptly contacted by the first customer
  • Help and critical questioning of the strategy
  • Coaching and support with questions about working techniques

Of course, we also take care of all steps following the foundation, such as Personnel, Processes, Storage, CRM, SCM and concepts.

EU companies requiring a Swiss location. Logistics service.

As a service provider, we cover the logistics and technicals requirements to perform repacking and labeling changes. This takes place at our location in Widnau.

Goods receipt up to 38 tons on 2 ramps. With the following services offered:

  • Storage
  • Unpacking
  • Labeling according to your specification with EU location
  • Packing / Repackaging
  • Outsource
  • Custom clearance to the EU

The process is simple: In our Coworking in Widnau - Switzerland - you will receive a Fixdesk agreement for EUR 375,-- / CHF 450,-- per month. This makes you a contractual partner in Switzerland and allows you full legal security. And it automatically gives you a company  location in the EU. Either in our coworking in Dornbirn, or with secretarial office available in Feldkirch (both in Austria).

You can use it to handle the postal processing by the secretariat at fixed prices.

Your telephone calls will be answered on-the-spot with a regional telephone number or forwarded to your headquarters in Switzerland.

The Secretariat organizes end-users inquiries and on site meetings.

A lawyer for legal clarifications in available on site and can also help with start-up process in the EU.

Swiss company requiring a location in Austria / EU

From 13 December 2015, the EU requires an address in the European Union for all packaged foods. For this reason, swiss company are required either to set up a subsidiary, or to cooperate with a service provider within the EU.

The solution that the Swiss government is looking for, is not yet clear: a contractual solution is still far away. This puts swiss companies in an awkward position. Legal uncertainty is high, as confirms Lorenz Hirt from the Federation of Swiss Food Industries (Fial): " Companies don't know if they should wait or act".

The Fial considers the creation of a subsidiary within the EU as the only alternative, that is legally "waterlight". Hirt estimates the costs for these cases as a few thousands francs.

But there are alternatives!

Busines location within the EU:

The process is simple: in our coworking in Widnau, Switzerland , you purchase a monthly FixDesk agreement. This makes you a contractual partner in Switzerland and guarantees you full legal security. This automatically gives you a company location within the EU, either in Dornbirn or in Feldkirch coworking (both in Austria).

You can use it to handle the postal processing by the secretariat within the EU, at fixed prices.

Your telephone calls will be answered on-the-spot with a regional number or forwarded to your swiss headquarters.

The secretariat organizes end-users inquiries and on-site meetings

A local lawyer is available on site for legal clarifications and can also help with the start-up processes within the EU.