Studied mechanical engineering and after that "office communication and integration" focused on networks and software engineering.

Experienced in different Methodologies about Software Engineering like continuous testing and integration. Building and maintaining System Architecture´s and doing Process Engineering since 1990 in varying market areas like

  • Transport & Logistics (food, textile, paper): Gunz Warenhandel GmbH, Wolford, PBS Group
  • Finance: UBS, Warbourg Dillon Read (now UBS)
  • IT consulting: Vorarlberger Landesregierung, Gemeindeverwaltung, 
  • Also realized the project with Austrian Government. 

With my Company, XactData won the Austrian Technology Price in the Logistics Sector.

Realized the "Börsen Prospekt" for the biggest IPO of Austria with "Yline".

Two times run a Company for Venture Capital.

And ended everything 2008 - the second Finance Crisis is enough!

Now runs personal project´s in Region Piemonte for local Food Markets named "km Zero" and "Slow Food" Initiatives. All of them are sustainable way´s for food based on Blockchain technology - proofing origin and use of finished products with Clear Karma.

Running 4 coworking spaces in Austria, Swiss and Italy.

Performing in varying roles as a business consultant, software architect and business integrator and when needed as a coach.

I´m married to Rita, has one daughter and living between Austria (east and west) and north of Italy in Piemont.

Unternehmen: Ordino e.U.
Reichsstraße 126 / I.
6800 Feldkirch

tel +43 5522 93000
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Bankverbindung: Dietmar Walser, Ordino e.U. bei der Sparkasse Feldkirch
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Dietmar's bookshelf: read

it is aproxmitly 30 years away, but I remember it very well.

Ordino e.U.

DI Dietmar Walser
Reichsstraße 126
A - 6800 Feldkirch

+43 664 1614975
info [at]

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